Testimonials"Greg is one of the Best customer service professionals I have ever encountered!!! Very knowledgeable, experienced, thoughtful and with great intention. Don't forget to support your local business owners. Stimulate your local economy Thank You"
- Adam Duim

"Fantastic company. Our battery decided to pack it in while we were parked at PCC Natural Market. We called Edmonds Auto Parts because they were nearest, figuring we'd have to leg it down there and then carry a new battery back. Instead, they drove to us with a new battery and a box of assorted tools, without charging us anything in advance, including core charge. To top it off, when we needed a particular size tool to get the old battery out, we called them to ask if they had any that we could buy, and they came down again, and brought us more tools to borrow. Can't beat that kind of service!"
- Shiromi Arserio

"If you're tired of dealing with the big chain auto parts places who can't look up the simplest part without a computer, this is the place to go! The owner is an old car guy (perfect for those of us with that 'disease'), I walked in once and asked the nice lady behind the counter what the Wix equivilent was for a Fram oil filter and she rattled it off without a 2nd thought! Their prices are comparable and the service can't be beat, support local business!"
- A Google User

"Edmonds Auto Parts is why small home-town business get such a good name.  They're friendly, informative, helpful - and they've got it.  And if they don't have it, they'll have it tomorrow - and know how to install it.
Over and over, I've been in for odd parts or tools, and I have always come out of their store not only better informed, but just plain glad I went in.  I've been helped to pick the right tool, oil, filter for my need, told how to install a tricky light switch, had things carried out for me.  It feels, in short, like visiting a well-informed friendly neighbor.  And unless you need something way off the beaten track (and even then!) they'll have it.
Most auto supply places feel like Costco or Home Depot: big and uncaring.  Edmonds Auto parts feels the way a shop ought to.  Give them a try - you'll be back!  Oh - and enjoy the "museum" of old products on the wall behind the cashier!"
Nat B.
Edmonds, WA